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What do you want ?

More money? More energy? Better results? Better relationships?

I'm Rena Hedeman

Professional Certified Coach. I help individuals and groups get more....

More out of life. More out of work. More joy. More purpose. More inspiration. More satisfaction.

Whatever you yearn for, I'm here to help you create or attain it.

Why choose me?

I've worked as a professional coach for over 10 years. I have thousands of hours of experience coaching Ivy League professors, doctors, corporate execs, at-home moms, entrepreneurs, consultants and the list goes on.

I have a reputation for being keenly perceptive, as well as very compassionate, intuitive and smart. I'm all about helping you get results - changes you can see, feel and measure.

My mission is to help you play at the top of your game, achieve your wildest dreams, live life to the fullest. I am part Yale-educated strategist, part personal development expert, and part badass BFF wanting the absolute best for you and committed to helping you get it.


Who am I?

I'm an entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker, a mother of three, and happily married to the man of my dreams. I’m a high-energy girl who loves to dance and laugh, as well as zero in, listen with compassion, and lend a hand when that’s what’s needed.

But just like you, I've had my lows, my self-doubts, worries, fears, and near-breaking points. I've had failures, set-backs, and spent many sleepless nights wondering "where am I going?" and "what's next for me?" and “how do I get there from here?”

I’ve also experienced financial panic and pulled myself out of that hole to create a life of prosperity. If you're in that boat, I’m happy to show you how I did it and share a system that works.

Whether you're an individual at a crossroads in your personal or professional life, or you're a group looking to synergize, communicate and succeed in a stronger, more efficient way, I’m here to help you find answers. Together we will create a plan and chart a course for you. I’ll give you the tools, the insights, and the support you need. And I will hold you accountable to taking the steps necessary to reach your goals.

I absolutely love empowering women and men and helping them achieve their dreams and objectives – whether it’s to have more personal fulfillment, more money, less stress, better relationships, more success, or a clearer sense of purpose and meaning.

Ready to work together?
Here's how we can proceed.

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult

call with me to find out more about my individual coaching process and fees, my onsite group training workshops, and/or my speaking engagements. Ask any questions you'd like, get to know me and see if we're the right fit!

You can achieve outrageous fulfillment, confidence & balance … when you know how.

Individual Coaching

Working one-on-one with Rena – via phone or video call - is a very powerful experience. Whether you want a new job (or to go back to work after being home with the kids) or you’re facing a new marital status, an empty nest, or health challenge - or you just want to take your life or career in a different direction - life’s challenges can be tough to navigate. Work privately with Rena to get back in the driver’s seat, take control, and proactively create the life you want and deserve.

Contact me

If you've got a question or want to learn more about my individual one-on-one coaching programs, group workshops, or leadership development training, please email me.

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