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About Rena

Individual Coaching

Grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you like, and let's plan your Big, Fun Life!

Life can be hard. Transitions can be tough. Change can be confusing.

It's easy to feel stuck, overwhelmed, and alone.

"Stuck" – my nice word for "WTF happened to my life? What do I do now?"

"Overwhelmed" – "Holy #@% I've got so much going on there's no time left for me!"

"Alone" – what we often feel when we're facing a big decision, questioning our marriage, career or future, or grieving the end of something or someone we loved.

Coaching with Rena

Individual coaching with me is a very collaborative process and begins with taking an overview of your life and identifying your priorities. My program is holistic and focuses on who you are as a whole person and what kind of life you want, because your ideal career path, relationships, body, and your overall fulfillment stems from who you really are and who you want to become.

I start out by going through some foundational materials with you – questions and worksheets to find out what your values are and what is most important to you. I have assessment tools that help you evaluate your life in various areas – health, family, career, finances, emotional well-being, etc.

Then we go through an extensive goal-setting process so we come away with clarity on what you are facing, focus on what's most important to you, and a structure to move forward so that you know exactly what your next action steps are and how to measure them. I am there with you for guidance, insight, and feedback, and to help keep you on track.

Whether you're dealing with a specific issue or you just want help navigating your choices and decisions, my coaching process will be tailored to fit your needs and will evolve in a way that best supports you.

I received my degree from Yale University and my coach training certification from the International Coaching Federation. I have also studied extensively under many well-known masters in personal development, meditation, hypnosis, and energy psychology.

Perhaps my most authentic training has been my own life transitions and experiences. I am a child of divorce, I broke off an engagement to my college sweetheart, I've had my own set of health challenges, I've lost a child and faced my own brush with death, and I've reinvented my career twice. Just like you, I've experienced a myriad of set-backs, disappointments, losses, heartbreak, and total confusion – ups and downs, successes and failures, utter joy and profound sorrow. I know where you've been, I understand how you feel, and I can help you figure out what's next and how to get there.

100% confidentiality + unwavering support – I'm a blend of trained coaching and your best badass girlfriend who sees the truth under the surface + gets you to own up to what's really going on.

I do not solve your problems. But I know what questions to ask, and I listen with a highly-trained ear to guide you in connecting with your own inner wisdom.

I will help you

  • Define what success means for you
  • Get to the root of what's holding you back
  • Build courage + work through fear and self-doubt
  • Let go of old habits + cultivate powerful new ones that support your desires
  • Gain confidence in yourself + your future
  • Quiet your inner critic + practice self-care
  • Honor your strengths + priorities

Who do I work with?

I'd be honored to work with YOU if you are

  • Committed to your own growth + success
  • Willingto step outside of your comfort zone
  • Ableto believe that anything is possible
  • Readyto take action + move forward

Those who seek my services are often women who are

Professionals looking to shift their career in a new direction and/or take it to the next level

Moms wanting to go back to work in a way that is meaningful, interesting, challenging yet flexible enough to honor the needs of their family

Solo entrepreneurs searching for greater clarity, focus, and structure in reaching their goals and maintaining a sense of balance with life outside of work

Parents currently living with daily stress, overwhelm, and inner chaos which leads them to be reactive instead of proactive, purposeful, and clear-minded

Type A's who are very accomplished but know deep down that their current life is not in alignment with their passions and core values, and therefore feel drained by life instead of energized and inspired by it

Individuals who may be content with their career but seek greater harmony in their relationships and/or their work/life juggle

Work with Rena: one-on-one coaching for four sessions per month is $1,000 or $2,500 for three months (12 sessions), including assessments, exercises & unlimited email access to Rena. Want to see if you're the right fit? Apply here for a complimentary 20-minute session via phone or Skype.

A life coach is someone who helps you gain clarity, discover your strengths, refocus your goals, and manifest your dreams. A career coach zeroes in on your career, helping you make sure it is in alignment with your values, passions, and priorities, and helps you take it to the next level.

A therapist helps heal the past so that you can be whole in the present. A coach focuses on the present and helps you build an incredible future. Through assessment and evaluation tools and goal-setting exercises, a coach helps you gain clarity, focus, and structure to create transformational experiences.

"ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a distinct service and differs greatly from therapy, consulting, mentoring or training. Individuals who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision-making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles."

Coaching sessions are usually conducted via Skype or phone, although people in the greater Boston area may request in-person sessions.

Coaching sessions last an hour, and take place at the same day and time each week. Programs usually range from three months to six months or more, depending on each client's needs and desires. Some clients use coaching to target a specific problem, and therefore request it for a few months. Other clients integrate coaching into their lives as a regular source of support and inspiration and continue for longer than six months.

At the end of each session, I offer a "homework assignment" designed to help the client gain further insight and/or take action to move forward. This homework assignment is created in collaboration with you (the client), and is meant to both encourage and challenge you to reach your desired goals. Most clients find the weekly homework assignments to be fun and extremely helpful. I also offer unlimited email communication between sessions

Fees vary, depending on the length of the coaching program the client wishes to undertake. One month, which includes four weekly 60-minute sessions via phone or Skype, assessment questionnaires and assignments from me, along with unlimited email communication between sessions, is $1,000. A three-month program is $2,500, and a six-month program is $4,500.

If you've read this far, it means you're probably the type pf person I respect and choose to work with – a go-getter who's ready to ready to make some changes and create the life you've always wanted. If that's you, I'd be happy to offer you a complimentary half-hour session to explore your goals and see if coaching is right for you. I want you to succeed, and if you and I are the right fit for one another, I would be honored to work with you. Please email me at

Apply here for a FREE 30-minute session with me to see if you are the right fit.

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