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I'm Rena Hedeman, consultant, business owner, author, speaker, and mother of three.

I am here to increase your FUN and FREEDOM by giving you valuable tools and systems that will change your life.

My mission is to help you play at the top of your game, gain financial freedom, achieve your wildest dreams, live with passion + purpose, and have more time to do the things you really WANT to do with the people you love.

I am part Yale-educated strategist, part personal development junkie, and part badass girl friend wanting the absolute best for you and committed to helping you get it.

I run two successful businesses, I'm certified by the International Coaching Federation, I'm an author and motivational speaker, a mother of three children, and happily married to the man of my dreams.I'm a high-energy girl who loves to dance and laugh, as well as zero in, listen with compassion, and lend a hand when that's what's needed.

But just like you, I've had my lows, my self-doubts, worries, fears, and near-breaking points. I've had failures, set-backs, and spent many sleepless nights wondering "where am I going?" and "what's next for me?" and "how do I get there from here?"

I've also experienced financial panic and pulled myself out of that hole to create a life of prosperity. I'm happy to show you how I did it and give you asystemthat works.

I'm here to help you find answers. Together we will create a plan and chart a course for you. I'll give you the tools, the insights, and the support you need.

I absolutely love empowering women and teaching them how to achieve their goals and dreams - whether it's to have more time, more money, less stress, better relationships, more passion, or a clearer sense of purpose

I believe every woman can create an abundant life of purpose and freedom - financial freedom, time freedom, freedom from stress and anxiety,

I believe every mom can raise great kids without giving up her own identity and personal desires and goals.

I believe every woman can live BIG and have more FUN and abundance in life! And I'm here to teach you how to get what you want out of life.

Whether you're stuck, in transition, or you just want your mojo back, you absolutely CAN be, do or have anything you want! I know you've got genius and unique talents deep within you, as well as many fun and interesting sides of your personality worth exploring and expressing to the world. And I'm excited to help you achieve your dreams and have fun on the way.

"Rena is not only beautiful but crazy smart. But her biggest gift is reigniting people, and getting them to remember that fire that is still burning deep down."

~ Christina Rasmussen, best-selling author, Second Firsts, www.secondfirsts.com

My back story and how it can help you.

In 2003, my life and my mission changed forever when, in my last trimester of pregnancy, I was rushed by helicopter to the hospital for hemorrhaging, as both my life and my baby's was in danger. To make a long story short, I had a brush with death in childbirth and my precious baby girl, Liza, passed away a few hours after she was born.

My emotions and spiritual journey that followed ignited in me a renewed gratitude for life and a desire to love and live full-out with fun and adventure. No more living on auto-pilot or waiting for someday to go for my dreams (or figuring out what they were in the first place!) No more hanging back out of fear or self-doubt. No more letting "the small stuff" run my life.

My journey taught me to see beauty in the moment, dare to dream big, listen to my inner wisdom, understand my fears and work through them, use the power of my subconscious mind, love more deeply (myself included), envision the life I want to have lived and make it happen.

Most importantly, I learned that to live a fulfilling, inspired life, you've got take responsibility for your happiness and success, add more fun to your life, get very clear on what exactly you want, create a plan, take action for measurable results, and give back to help others realize their dreams.

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they're doing"

~ Dale Carnegie

From my humanitarian work in a hospital in Haiti, to my decade in professional fundraising, to 15 years as a business owner while raising three kids, I know what it's like to be a mom with many skills, a variety of interests & experience, a great education, but still feel stuck and unsure which way to go next

Through intensive coach training and learning from some of the greatest masters in personal growth - not to mention thousands of deep, provocative conversations with people like you around the world - I know the steps to figure out what you really want, understand what's holding you back, and create success as you define it. It's a process, a science, and I can teach it to you.

Through my videos, courses, programs and workshops, you'll gain practical wisdom, guided steps, and inspirational insights - as well as the occasional kick in the butt - to help you create a plan, take action and stay on track.

"Rena's vision for you is bigger than your own, and she helps you to see it, believe it, and take action to achieve it."

~Stephanie A. Moore, MD

I believe that true fulfillment begins with keen self-awareness. In order to gain that, you need to bring your whole self to the table and assess your life from every angle -personal relationships, physical and emotional well-being, financial health, spirituality, self-esteem, fun and humor. What motivates you? What drives you? What drains you? What's keeping you stuck?

I wish I could literally hold your hand through the process of transition and personal growth. I can work with you one-on-one, or the next best option is to mentor you virtually through my powerful, video-based online home-study course.

You can also read Ready, Aim, Soar, the best-selling book I co-authored with other entrepreneurial luminaries such as Mari Smith, Rick Frishman, Joe Vitale, and Marcia Wieder. A great way to benefit for free is to join my Big Fun Life Letter email list. Whenever I offer a new program or share new insights, lessons and stories that I think will rock your world, those on my email list get the inside scoop.

So make sure you're a subscriber it's FREE!

Please come say hi!

The best places to connect with me are in the comments of my blog/video posts and on Facebook and Twitter. I write all my own posts, and I make an effort to respond to all comments personally. You can also check out and follow my photos on Pinterest, if you're the visual type. And be sure to check my events page - I may be coming to your neck of the woods sometime soon!

Professional Bio

Rena Hedeman is a professional certified coach, best-selling author, and speaker with a degree from Yale and certification from the International Coaching Federation, the leading global authority on professional coaching. She specializes in teaching women (and a few go-getter men) how to reignite their fire, play at the top of their game, live big and have fun on the way. Rena has successfully coached Ivy League professors, venture capitalists, lawyers, grad students, doctors, authors, and countless entrepreneurs. From the stay-at-home mom to the empty-nester, the corporate career woman to the business-owner babe, the newly divorced to the newly in love - Rena helps people get clear on who they want to be, what they want in life, and how to get it.

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